My name is Chris Cooke and Im available for  stargazing  events for  people of all ages! Im based in the South West UK in Devon  (Plymouth and Exeter). Ive had many years of experience giving public outreach to schools, festivals and other events. 

Im also available for short talks and lectures on anything to do with Space!  My most popular topics are 

  • Solar Eclipses- I have been to 8 solar eclipses now and have a few stories to tell of how I got there and what I saw.
  • Space Stations, Satellites and Space Junk
  • Our Sun, our nearest star 
  • Astronomy in the Caribbean

The first picture shows the  W. Hershell telescope at the Royal Observatory of Madrid.  (This was a HUGE telescope for its time) It is a 60 cm (23.6 inches) reflector built in 1810. The "tube" is  20 ft long (high) and observations are made by peering over the edge at the top of the tube!  

Today though I use  modern telescopes which are a LOT more portable and easy to use!!

 You will be able to see evening objects such as the Moon, planets and faint nebulae and galaxies from almost anywhere!.. I also have the correct equipment to see the sun safely for daytime events too.  
The second photo below was taken at the Solar Eclipse in the USA last year (2017)    

And the slideshow to the right show a number of recent events Ive been fortune to organise!          Clear Skies every one!